I already have a minor, can I have more than one?

Yes, UNC Charlotte allows you to have multiple minors.

I heard the minor was “full.” Can I still add it?

The minor can never be full. Courses may be full, but not the minor. You may add the minor at anytime.

Do I have to apply for the minor?

No, you just declare the minor with the Undergraduate Coordinator during a brief initial advising session.

I heard if I declare the minor I can never drop it. Is this true?

No, dropping the minor takes one simple form and only the student’s signature. The form then gets delivered to the Registrar’s office by the student.

Can I double count classes?

Yes you can. We will double count up to three courses in the minor with your major or another minor.

I’m taking all of the required classes but haven’t declared yet, is this ok?

You should declare the minor as soon as you know you intend to earn it. When you declare you will be added to our database and receive timely information about course permits, graduation requirements, and community opportunities. In addition, if you are not a declared minor, you will miss the opportunity for awards and recognitions from the program such as an invitation to Sigma Phi Omega – the National Gerontology Honor Society.

Do I have to wait until my senior year to take the Senior Seminar?

It is best to take the senior seminar the spring semester closest to your graduation. However, if your major requirements will make it difficult to complete the senior seminar requirements during your senior year, please speak with the gerontology undergraduate coordinator about possibly taking it earlier.

I heard there was an Early Entry Graduate Certificate. What is that?

Qualifying undergraduate students can begin their graduate certificate in gerontology and double count two of the four required classes towards undergraduate credit. This works well for students entering their senior year and have “extra credits” to take to reach 120. Contact the Gerontology Program Director for details. More information about Early Entry programs can be found here. Our certificate curriculum can be found here.

Can I complete both the minor and graduate certificate in gerontology?

Absolutely! This will provide you with 30 credits of gerontology education and make you more competitive in employment opportunities where you will work with older adults.

What is the Gerontology Concentration?

The BA in Interdisciplinary Studies offers a Gerontology Concentration as one of five concentration options. Students can major in the IDST-BA and complete what is equal to the gerontology minor coursework for their concentration. Students can double major in IDST-BA with another major. For details about this go here.